Our Cooking Class

Cambodian food is a thousand-year-old tradition. To discover it, you must step back in time to the era of the kingdom of Angkor, the cradle of Khmer civilization, when Cambodian cuisine forged its special identity. Here, cooking is an oral art that has been passed down over time from mother to daughter. It is from this ancestral rite that a traditional cuisine, punctuated by the use of natural ingredients, developed.


Thanks to the influence of other countries, Cambodian cooking has been enriched and expanded over the centuries. China introduced the steaming method and the use of soy and noodles and India introduced curries, to name but two examples. These influences contribute to the particularly wide range of flavors that surprise the palate and stimulate the taste buds. Salty and sweet, and downright bitter and sour, go hand in hand or are blended subtly, sometimes within a single dish, to create a deliciously harmonious and original result.


A Cambodian dish is a feast for the eyes as well as the palate, and the ingredients that compose it are like the colors on a painter’s palette: gleaming red chilies, bright green limes, orange shrimp, flecks of pure white coconut…the more harmonious the colors, it is thought, the more subtle the flavors of the finished dish


Visitors are often surprised by the variety and quantity of fish products and fresh vegetables on the market in Cambodia. They had always asked us to teach to show them how the food was done. That was the reason for us to do the cooking workshop and we believed we were the first to do the cooking class in Siem Reap and our guests are satisfied with the workshop they did because we have chefs who have many years of experience and they are very informative.